Ocean Bay Boats Inflatable Paddle-Surf Board SUP 280

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Paddle surf board, ideal for both beginners and the more experienced

Two small fixed fins and one large removable fin, which offer greater precision and a faster and easier paddling

Material surface E.V.A. very comfortable that prevents slipping

Maximum inflation pressure: 1.5 Psi

Very compact high pressure chamber

Its central handle allows easy transport by one person as well as easy boarding when in the water

Its slim and wide shape guarantees an optimal and stable glide

Designed and built to be used in rivers, lakes and on the seashore

Kit includes

Repair kit

Carry bag


High pressure inflator

Ankle Strap

Available in 3 sizes:

length: 280 cm width: 76 cm Thickness: 15 cm maximum load: 115 Kg Weight: 8 Kg

length: 300 cm width: 76 cm Thickness: 15 cm maximum load: 130 Kg Weight: 11 Kg

length: 330 cm width: 76 cm Thickness: 15 cm maximum load: 145 Kg Weight: 12 Kg

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