How to buy

How to shop online from our website .-

It's simple and should take the following steps:

1 .- Select the "Category" of the product you are interested in and click on it.

Will deploy a series of images with the subcategories: click on the one of interest, will open up on the various options to reach
the last division.

Will then be deployed all products included in it with their sales prices (including VAT). Click "View Details" of that interests you
and will show the characteristics.

2 A. - To purchase, click the "Add to Cart."

2 B - If you want to buy, click "Back" to continue to see more products ..

3 .- Click on "Continue Shopping" to add more products to the basket.

4 .- When you finish all your purchases, click "Checkout" and a screen to enter your data.

5 A. - If you are an existing customer enter your details (which only you know).

5 B. - If not, please fill in the requested data.

6 .- It will show the address provided by you when registering

If you want to have now the possibility to change it. In any event click "Continue"
 .- He describes various options for payment. Choose the one you want and when complete, click "Continue."

8 .- The time has come final. In the display the message "I'm ready to buy" and the bottom button "Confirm order".

9 .- Finally it presents a screen with the words "Your order has been processed!) And the Button" Continue. "
Click it and the order has been completed and procesed. Has been carried out successfully.

Note: In any part of the process, you will see a box with the words: "Add comments about your order" so that you can
add it deems relevant to the request.