Terms of use

Terms of use

Placing an order through this page implies acceptance by the person who makes it of these conditions and that both parties have sufficient legal capacity to be bound by them.


The published prices and the conditions may be modified by us at any time, without being able to demand any responsibility for this circumstance, nor for the erroneous interpretation of the information that we provide about the products offered; and all this despite our best will to offer it in the most truthful and clear way possible.

However, in the event of a price variation, the one that appears in the order will be valid regardless of subsequent modifications

We also warn that the images and colors that appear in them are for guidance only and may change according to the manufacturer's needs, without being binding.

We can only accept the color if it is indicated in the description of the article.

Sometimes, the image can be set for your better understanding, without the annexes or elements of the environment being included.

The prices and conditions established in this catalog are for sale online from this WEB page and they cannot be transferred to face-to-face sales establishments that the same company may have open.

Likewise, any buyer-seller relationship must be carried out by this means without it being acceptable, except for our authorization, the presence in these centers for any matter related to these sales.

The price of each of the sections of a product and of the whole of an order are part of a whole according to our pricing policy and cannot be broken down, separated or taken individually.


Orders will be made by adding to the basket those items for which you are interested.

It will be made at the price that appears on the WEB at the time of ordering and will be billed at said prices at the time of shipment.

In some cases and in the absence of stock of a requested product, we can replace it with another of the same characteristics but with a different reference without this implying modification of the order.

We reserve the acceptance of any order; They will only be valid when they receive a reply from us by putting it in "Process"


The prices indicated for all our products include the corresponding VAT. For shipments to different fiscal territory as well as for export, the system deducts said VAT when registering the order.

The client must attend the payment of any tax that affects him at destination, such as the IGC in the Canary Islands.

This affects, with regard to national sales especially, shipments to the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla. Any other tax or cost that affects shipping or customs clearance will be paid by the customer.

For other territories with a different tax regime as well as exports, we apply the same rule as for the Canary Islands.

The system shows the prices with the tax, but when the visitor is registered and resides outside the Spanish fiscal territory, it does so without VAT.

When the client resides in the territory of the European Community, in order to deduct VAT at source, it must be registered as a "Community Operator" as a taxable person for said tax or the equivalent in their respective country. Then the system does the operation without VAT but otherwise the sale must be made with its corresponding VAT.

The client, in this case, when registering, must necessarily indicate his tax number so that we can verify this circumstance, making himself responsible for any falsehood in his data.

Likewise, if he has been showing the prices with the tax and when placing the order a destination outside said territory is indicated, then he changes the prices and calculates them for the totalization, without said tax.

However, we must note that due to tax requirements, when totaling the order, the VAT Base, the corresponding VAT and the Total are broken down; And this does not mean that the tax is doubled but that it is broken down for correct information.

Responsibility and guarantees

In accordance with the current Legislation on Consumer Defense, the buyer has a period of three years from the purchase to show their lack of conformity with the item received, either due to breakdown, malfunction or failure to comply with the conditions or performance indicated.

The buyer must notify accesorionautico. Com of any anomaly observed within a maximum period of two months from when I observe it. And accesorionautico.com, in view of the above, will decide the possible solution and in any case the need to be sent to our warehouses or to the place where Indicate so that the corresponding technical services determine whether or not this claim has arisen

All our products have the manufacturer's warranty and, in its absence, our legal one.

We supply products purchased from a third party and in the event that the responsibility is for our intervention or manipulation, it may not exceed the value of the product.

The images that appear next to the articles are indicative and give an idea of the article, but in no case do they mean that the entire drawing is part of it and therefore cannot be considered contractual. To know the entire product, you must adhere to what is indicated in its description.

In the event that you need to raise any litigation at the European Union level, you can use the necessary services by accessing the following link https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/main/?event=main.help.new&lng=ES



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