Ocean Bay Inflatable Boats Wood Floor

We are direct importers of ocean bay inflatable inflatable boats, it is a brand designed and developed by us. Below we specify the most important.

- The materials are similar to traditional brands.

- PVC of 0.9 mm 1100-1200 decitex (there are brands nowadays of 0.6 mm)

- Look in the photos the reinforced transom with 4 patches and stainless screws. No boat of any brand carries more than 2.

- Our tires have an overpressure valve, none except some zodiacs carry it.

- We include bow and seat bag in some ranges such as aluminum, wood or airdeck floor.

-Our airdeck floors are high pressure and the same as mercury or quicksilver.

-We give guarantees of up to 5 years for example against problems in Pvc.

-Being a brand of ours we face the guarantees without asking for permission to 3rd people.

-We have spare fins, floors, valves, bags, inflator, etc.

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