Bosun´s Chairs For Sailboats and Boats

Bosun´s Chairs For Sailboats and Boats .Bosun´s Chairs For Sailboats and Boats are used to working aboard in high places, usually on the stick. We offer two guindolas one economic and the other intended to use more common since it is more comfortable and sturdy.

Directions for use: for comfortable and safe use, it is important to position it and adjust it from the beginning. The boatswain should go under his legs, adjust the straps and buckles so that they are not loose or too tight and attach a halyard to the ring D. It is best to use a knot, Bowline and not a carabiner. For your safety wears a harness connected to a second head.

Maintenance replacement: In these products the best materials and manufacturing with exhaustive quality controls only are used to ensure your safety and comfort. However, you must take care of his boatswain, keeping it away from flames, extreme temperatures and sharp or abrasive surfaces. They should be washed in fresh water after use. If you have suffered an abuse or note any cut or holes in the boatswain or its straps, you should change it.

Professional Bosun´s Chair Professional Bosun´s Chair 55,69€48,00€ To buy In stock
Lalizas Bosun´s Chair Lalizas Bosun´s Chair 38,87€34,22€ To buy In stock
Lalizas Professional Bosun´s Chair Lalizas Professional Bosun´s Chair 60,22€53,02€ To buy In stock
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