Shipping / devolutions

Shipping, Returns and delivery .-

It is estimated, in normal situations, a delivery time of receipt and acceptance of the order of 1 to 7 working days.

Since leaves our warehouse estimate between 24 and 48 hours in normal for the peninsula.

For shipments outside the mainland and the Balearic Islands transit time depends on the size, weight and size of the order

Orders may be canceled until it leaves them. If you have already gone out of them, we cannot cancel it but you can return it if not interested.

In this case, the refund must be made within 14 days of receipt, provided they come packaged in the same condition in its original packaging. Return shipping must be prepaid and received our prior authorization. The refund shall be in the same way that you make the payment order and is limited to the value of the goods returned excluding postage and other delivery costs have been incurred.

If you cancel an order or any article of an order, after having been marked the same as process, to make the refund of the amount paid by the client will be deducted the expenses caused to us by this tax rebate.


To simplify the calculation, we charge for postage and shipping the following amounts:

For the Peninsula (Spanish territory):

Orders of up to € 99 of material, charge from 3-4 euros vat included

Orders of more than 100 € of material, free shipping to the peninsula. According to volume or amount of the order from 24 to 72 h. Shipping 24 hrs pick up same day normally, orders until 13.30 or 14.30 according to time of the year, shipping 48 or 72 h pick up next day.

For the Balearic Islands:

minus 180 euros:

post 48-72 h: from 6.50 euros vat included.

Balearic Islands 24-48 h: from 6.95 euros vat included.

Balearic Islands free: orders of more than 180 euros free, sent according to weight or amount of the order from 24-48 to 48-72h, for large volumes of 45 kg and up to 3-4 days, large engines, semi-rigid and long packages of more than 180 cm.

For the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla:

postal blue package: pricing by weights and measures. from 9.28 euros

air shipment: pricing by weights and measures.

For European Countries:

Shipments to the EU, take 4-5 days from leaving our warehouses, we work with the best transport companies.

Portugal: 48-72 h free transport more than 180 euros, less than 180 euros automatic rate of weights and measures.

France and Italy: 4-5 days free shipping from 250 euros, less than 250 euros automatic rate of weights and measures.

Other countries: fee for pesos and measures.

Other destinations (different from the previous ones) .- Given the impossibility of foreseeing all possible destinations and situations, when ordering you will get the different transport rates.

In some cases, in which it is impossible to calculate the size, the system will calculate the amount of the order with postage "0" and later we will inform you the amount of the shipping costs. If you wish you can do the consultation beforehand and we will notify you before placing the order.


Also some other items, such as: engines, have indicated freight prepaid for shipping to the peninsula (Spanish territory).

The weight on which the carriage is calculated is not the weight of the items in the order, but in bulky items this is the premium, so we could talk about Weight / Volume.

Insurance .-

The goods travel at buyer's risk since it leaves our warehouse. However we can, on its own, ensure the same at a cost of 4% of order value.