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Shipping / Returns

Shipments, returns and delivery times.-

Any order forms a unit of all its articles, without being able to request partial shipments, except for special circumstances agreed between the parties.

Our shipments are made through the transport agencies that we have contracted that we inform at the time of selecting the shipment during the ordering process so that the buyer can choose.

We cannot be held responsible for sending packages to PO boxes or places that do not have a specific address such as port offices, docks or ships. The shipping system is automatic and whoever does this will be responsible but will not be responsible if it is delivered to the agreed site but is not received by the client / buyer.

It is estimated, in normal situations, a delivery time from receipt and acceptance of the order of between 1-2 working days (Monday to Friday).

In the different automatic shipping rates, the time it takes for each shipping method to reach its destination is indicated.

For shipments outside the mainland and the Balearic Islands, the transit time depends on the amount, weight and volume of the order.

The delivery times notified to the clients are real and appear in each of the articles but some unforeseen event outside of us could exceptionally arise.

If it says "in stock" it means that it is ready for immediate shipment. If it says "availability x days" it means that normally we do not have it in stock but the supplier is asked expressly to fill out your order and is indicating the days it normally takes for the product to arrive to be served.

An order can be canceled before it is prepared and as long as it has not passed to the "Process" state, in which case it can no longer be modified or canceled.

If it has already left or is ready, we cannot cancel it but you can return it if you are not interested and it has not been used. (less engines, boats, electronics, clothing, original spare parts and orders for material that is not in stock that cannot be returned, as well as the lines, hoses and chains that have been cut to serve or for safety reasons the liquids, paintings or batteries)

In this case, the return must be made within a maximum period of 14 days from its receipt,  prior notice by email from the website button technical support-contact and have previously received our

The refund of the amount will be made in the same way that the payment of the order was made and will be limited to the value of the returned merchandise, excluding the postage and other shipping costs that have been incurred and the costs that we are charged will be deducted from the amount. have caused as well as the shipping costs.

When an item exchange is desired for not obeying the one received to the specifications, it is actually a return of material and a new order. We will pay for the material that is delivered to us when it arrives and when you want you can place a new order to expedite the situation.

All the above is valid also in the case of the cancellation of any order.

The same procedure should be used in the case of claims or breakages.

In accordance with current legislation, the buyer has a period of fourteen days from receipt of the order to withdraw from it, which gives him the right to return it, except for the exceptions indicated and making use of the withdrawal form that we publish in the Web

Within a maximum period of fourteen days from receipt, the amount will be reimbursed in the same way as the payment of the order.


In order to simplify the calculation, when they are ordered to the Iberian Peninsula (Spanish territory) and the Balearic Islands, we charge the following amounts for postage and shipping costs:

For the Peninsula (Spanish territory):

From 0.00Kg to 1 Kg: € 5.95 VAT included.

From 1.00Kg to 4 Kg: € 5.95 VAT included.

From 4.00Kg to 5 Kg: € 5.95 VAT included.

From 5.00Kg to 10 Kg: € 6.95 VAT included.

From 10.00Kg to 15 Kg: € 7.95 VAT included.

From 15.00Kg to 20 Kg: € 8.95 VAT included.

From 20.00Kg to 30 Kg: € 14.95 VAT included.

From 30.00Kg to 35 Kg: € 18.00 VAT included.

From 35.00Kg to 40 Kg: € 19.95 VAT included.

From 40.00Kg to 45 Kg: € 22.94 VAT included.

From 45.00Kg to 50 Kg: € 29.95 VAT included.

Orders of up to € 150 of material, charge from 3-4 euros VAT included

Products with special shipments: in certain products there is an additional postage due to size or preparation of the order, they are the ocean bay motors of 1.5 12 euros, 2.5 12 euros and 5 hp 19 euros respectively.

Orders of more than € 99 of material, free shipping to the peninsula. According to volume or amount of the order from 24 to 72 h. Shipping 24 hrs they collect the same day normally, orders until 1:30 or 2:30 pm depending on the time of year, shipping 48 or 72 hrs they collect the next day in some cases.

For the Balearic Islands:

Post 48-72 h: from 6.50 euros VAT included.

Balearic Islands 24-48 h: from 6.95 euros VAT included.

For the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla:

Post 48-72: pricing by weights and measures. from 7 euros.

Express airmail 48 h: check when ordering automatic pricing.

Maritime shipping: 4 to 7 days or for large packages 10 days

For European Countries:

Shipments to the EU, take 2-5 days from leaving our warehouses, we work with the best transport companies.

Portugal: Cheap transportation for all weights and rates. 24 to 72 h

France and Italy: 2-5 days economic transport for all weights and measures.

Rest of countries: rate for weights and measures.

Other destinations (different from the above) .- Given the impossibility of foreseeing all the possible destinations and situations, when placing the order, the different transport rates will be obtained.

In some cases, where it is impossible to calculate the postage, the system will calculate the amount of the order with postage "0" and later we will communicate the amount of the shipping costs. If you wish, you can make the consultation beforehand and we will notify you before placing the order.


Likewise, some other articles, such as, for example: engines, have freight paid for shipping to the peninsula (Spanish territory).

The weight on which the freight is calculated is not the weight of the items in the order but rather in bulky items this is the one that prevails, so we could talk about Weight / Volume.


The merchandise travels at the expense and risk of the buyer since it leaves our warehouses, as the shipment is made through the carrier you have chosen.

However, we can, on your own, insure it at a cost of 4% of the order value. (ADDITIONAL TRANSPORTATION INSURANCE)


The recipient must check the container upon receipt and note on the arrival delivery note any external damage that appears on it.

Likewise, he must check the merchandise immediately after receiving it; Any claim for damage to the merchandise must be made within 24 hours of receipt.

Damages suffered in transport are the responsibility of the recipient.

The examination prior to reception is not admissible.