Ocean Bay Boats - Aquaparx 1.5-2.5-3-5-6-9 Hp Outboards Motors

the new outboard motors Ocean bay boats - Aquaparx are first and foremost an outboard engine 1.5-2.5-3-5-6-9 hp. It is characterized by being 4 times petrol and a short shaft of 52 centimeters. These outboard motors weigh from 8.3 kg in vacuum and 9 kg full of liquids. This weight advantage is due to the aluminum GX35 engine block, such as the Honda GX35.

outboard motors - Ocean bay boats carry A + stainless steel bolts and a + carburetor.

The difference on the Aquaparx 1.2cv are several, the OZ-Ocean bay Boats 1.3cv in addition to an improved carburetor and hence the difference in power, the OZ-Ocean bay boats carry stainless steel screws and many other pieces in stainless steel that the Aquaparx do not carry, they also have double pin in the propeller shaft and other improvements that the brand has incorporated with the experience of years in outboards.

This outboard is ultra light thanks to its aluminum GX35 engine block with only 8kg, like the Honda GX35, the Honda spare parts serve it perfectly, this guarantees a supply of spare parts in case of not having OZ.