Garmin CHIRP Striker 4 with GPS Fishfinder with Transducer

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Garmin CHIRP Striker 4 with GPS Fishfinder with Transducer
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Garmin CHIRP Striker 4 with GPS Fishfinder

Buy the best garmin fishing Fishfinder at the best price.

● Easy-to-use 8.9-centimeter (3.5-inch) color probe with built-in high-sensitivity GPS

● Find fish and mark points, dams and dry docks to return to them
● Comfortable operation of the keyboard
● Includes a CHIRP probe transducer (77/200 kHz); Transmission power (200 W RMS) / (1,600 W peak to peak)

● Find fish is easier than ever with the STRIKER 4 probe. Mark and return to your points, boathouses and dams and share your waypoints and favorite routes with other STRIKER or echoMAP combinations.

● Smooth Scaling graphics allow you an uninterrupted display of the image when switching between depth scales. The probe history retrace allows you to go back in the probe images to mark waypoints that you have not seen at first. In addition, it has an integrated flasher and shows speed data. It includes a swivel / tilt support and a CHIRP transducer (77/200 kHz) with components and a mounting cable for stern mirror and motor for trolling. To get the high performance CHIRP, buy a GT8 or GT15 transducer (each sold separately)


  Experience the great clarity of CHIRP
● The STRIKER 4 probe includes a CHIRP transducer (77/200 kHz) from Garmin, which provides a level of clarity and detail of fish and structures visibly superior to traditional 77/200 kHz transducers.



● Instead of emitting a single frequency, CHIRP broadcasts continuous frequency sweeps with an intensity ranging from low to high levels, and then interprets them one by one as you receive them. Because the frequencies provide a broader spectrum of information, CHIRP sonar technology is able to create fish arcs sharply with superior target separation.

● You can also upgrade to Garmin's high-performance CHIRP technology, which provides high-quality probe images with even more remarkable resolution and separation of targets between different water depths. For a better fishing experience, the contours of the bottom are more visible, even at higher speeds, and it is possible to suppress signal noise at great depths, which provides a more timely interpretation of what is below


Mark points with high sensitivity GPS
● Unlike standard probes, STRIKER probes include a built-in high sensitivity GPS to locate your current position quickly and accurately, and keep your GPS location anywhere you go on the lake. Most importantly, they allow you to mark the points where the fish sting so you can come back in the future. You can also mark dams, dry docks and other locations on the lake. You just have to follow the path that is created on the screen to return to them whenever you want.

Navigate easily with the waypoints map
● Since the STRIKER series of probes includes a high sensitivity GPS, you can see your position with respect to the waypoints you have marked. Use the waypoint map to easily view, mark and navigate to locations such as branches, capes and levees. It is also a very useful tool to find the way back to the dry dock


Check your speed on the screen
● You can see the speed of the boat easily and quickly on the screen of the STRIKER probe. It is also a very useful tool to make sure you fish at the right speed for the lure you are using and for a certain fish species. It is also a good way to check if you are going at the right speed in areas of limited speed.


Vertical fishing with integrated flasher
● STRIKER provides you with a probe and a flasher in a single unit. When you practice fixed fishing, such as ice fishing or vertical fishing, the integrated flasher will show you the bottom, whether solid or muddy, the lure or bait with weight, and the depth of the fish while swimming towards the beam of the probe. You can even observe the height at which the lure is raised and dropped and if the fish move or move away from it.


Physical and performance characteristics
● Dimensions of the unit (Width / Height / Depth): 9.1 x 15 x 4.1 cm
● Screen size (Width / Height): 4.9 cm x 7.3 cm; 8.7 cm (3.5 ") diagonally
● Screen resolution (Width / Height): 480 x 320 pixels
● Screen type: HVGA color
● Weight: 230 g
● Water resistance classification: IPX7
● Audible alarms
Probe specifications and functions
● Compatible with double frequency probe
● Compatible with double beam probe
● Frequency
Traditional: 50/77/200 kHz
CHIRP (high and medium frequency)
● Transmission power: 200 W (RMS)
● Maximum depth: 488 m (1,600 ft) in fresh water *, 229 m (750 ft) in salt water *
● Block in the background (shows the signals that it returns from the background to the surface)

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