Evinrude Oil XD100 1 Gallon

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Evinrude Oil XD100 1 Gallon
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The formula of synthetic oil lubrication XD100 provides comprehensive and superior performance even in extreme conditions such as temperatures of only -17 ° C.

Oil Evinrude / Johnson XD100 includes synthetic additives that provide superior performance, which favors the reduction of oil consumption. If a dealer or dealerdevelopment program, the EMM is an Evinrude E-TEC outboard to use XD100 oilcan be reduced by half the normal oil consumption compared to that it would requireif it were conventional oil. The schedule for the outboard engine optimization can only be done at a dealership or facility Evinrude dealer.

Key Features XD100 oil:

Lubrication unparalleled XD100 has been specifically formulated for Evinrude E-TEC. Evinrude direct injection and oil injection.
Unmatched lubricity to reduce friction and wear.
High detergency to reduce combustion deposits.
No fumes, no odors and no ash.
Formlos to extreme weather conditions with temperatures of only -17 ° C.
Capacity: 3.8 L

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